Harry Potter: Rainbow

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Author: maraudersaffair

Challenge: Remus finds the pair snogging/shagging and is horrified because of his unrequited love/lust for either of the two.

Title: True Love

Summary: Remus witnesses Lily and James having sex.

Warning: masturbation, smut, and a lot of angst

Rating: NC-17

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Rainbow Flower

"That's the Spot" by deena_s

Author: almond_joyz with a little help from bibliophile20
Challenge: James and Lily skive off rounds and find an empty classroom
Title: That's the Spot
Summary: After injuring himself during a Quidditch match, James is ordered to have massages and Lily is the perfect candidate for the job.
Warning: Language, Adult situations
Word Count: 2787
Rating: R
Notes: The idea for the story was given to me by bibliophile20, who helped write out some of the scenarios. Thanks so much for your assistance in my first James and Lily fic!

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text - big girls say fuck

Fic... A lesson in Lust.

Author: jamie2109
Challenge: 6. Prefect Lily catches James in the act of committing a prank and gives him the appropriate punishment.

Title: A lesson in lust.
Summary: The challenge says it all really. But, ok. Lily comes across James organising a prank and after an accident happens, decides to play with him a little. The ending is a real kicker and I’ve already had a sequel demanded from me by my beta – the lovely nocturnali.
Warning: Denied orgasm and some light bondage.
Word Count: About 2300
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I realise that I have played with what the Amortentia potion actually does, and I will unashamedly admit that I did so for the purposes of the plot (what plot?)Hope you enjoy it.

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FIC: Before a Day, challenge #72

author: ninjajab
challenge: A random moment.

title: Before A Day
summary: Sometimes... she reads the Prophet, but mostly she just listens to the radio and blinks her round eyes at James until he makes her tea.
warnings: none
word count: 715
rating: U
notes: Many thanks to sheafrotherdon and taffetablue for the beta work, and much love to statelines for the read-through and the squee! :*

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James/Lily (Heir and a Spare)


The First Wave of the James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Fuh-Q-Fest is now open!

You may sign up for challenges until 12 November, 2005. All work will be due by 31 January 2006! Please do not archive or post your work elsewhere until on or after 31 January 2006.

The Rules

1. Challenges can only be claimed twice - once for FIC and once for ART.

2. Be sure to have your fics beta-read before submitting them to the FQF. If you cannot find a beta, you may certainly post to the FQF asking for someone to do so for you.

3. All artwork and fic is due by 31 January 2006. 31 January is the LAST DAY you can submit your fic or art. Please do not archive/post your fic or art anywhere else until after 31 January.

4. You MUST use the following templates when posting your fic or art to the JamesLilyFQF. Anything posted not using this template will be deleted. You may repost your work using the template.

Place your story or art behind an lj cut tag and make sure you rate your story or artwork.

When posting a FIC, please use the following template:

Word Count:

Your fic goes here underneath an lj cut tag.

When posting ART, please use the following template:


Your art goes here underneath an lj cut tag.

5. Stories have a minimum word count of 500 words. There is no maximum.

6. Please do not post your fic until it is completed. Put it all in one post, please. If your fic is too long for one post, disable comments in the first part and edit in a link leading to the second post, where you may keep comments enabled to receive feedback. All fiction and art must be posted to this community, not your personal LJ or fic/art LJ. You may certainly LINK to your piece at the FQF on your LJ and elsewhere; you may not post the story in its entirety elsewhere until on/after 31 January 2006.

7. Other characters are allowed but as this is a JamesLilyFQF we ask that you focus on James/Lily and their relationship with one another.

Don't know how to do an lj-cut? Click here to find out how!

Any questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to speak up! You can ask questions right here by replying to this post.

The Challenges are located HERE. Please make sure you've read through the list of comments before making a claim in case we've not yet gotten to edit in the latest claims. Thanks!
James/Lily (Heir and a Spare)

Admin: Call for Challenge Suggestions

Hello all!

Welcome to the jameslilyfqf! Right now I'm taking suggestions for challenges, so be sure to a few in a reply to this post.

The fest will officially open on 31 October, when you can start claiming challenges (once for fic and once for art). More details will be available when the claims post goes up.

Thanks so very much to nimori for creating such lovely art for the community, and legomymalfoy for doing the graphics and layout! ♥