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Fic: 'redandgold + bronzeandblue = ♥'

Author: jezzabe
Challenge: #16 - 'James and Lily's courtship from Sirius's POV.'
Title: 'redandgold + bronzeandblue = ♥'
Summary: 'When Sirius Black thought about Hogwarts, he thought about his friends.'
Warning: Total fluff?
Word Count: 1,430
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Thanks to starrysummer for the beta. This did not turn out the way i thought it was going to, but i hope it worked out ok anyways. Feedback is love. I also know it is a terrible title, but it was a last-minute thing. Eh. What are you going to do?


When Sirius Black thought about Hogwarts, he thought about his friends. He thought about shy, quiet Peter of the blonde hair and the bitten nails. Calm, competent Remus whose face was scored with pale scars and whose eyes were full of painful knowledge. James of the ready pranks, quick wit and the air of love he projected.


Sirius was on the platform saying goodbye to Mama and Regulus. Regulus was attached to Mama’s side like a faithful lapdog, dark eyes glaring up from under a white brow and red lips forming a perfect pout. Mama smiled down at Sirius, and he could see the pride sparkling in her eyes.

Sirius glanced over his shoulder to look at the train, noticing a skinny, dark-haired boy. His limbs were gesturing enthusiastically, almost knocking his wire-rimmed glasses off as he spoke to a bored looking red-haired girl.

Bella flounced past, poking Sirius in the ribs to tell him to hurry up or the saved seat in her carriage would be taken by the time he got there. Narcissa followed her quietly, silvery hair left loose and flowing smoothly down her back, winking at Sirius as she passed.

Mama leant down, kissing Sirius on the cheek and gently smoothing his hair. Smiling at her, he bent down to pick up his trunk, trying to hold it upright with one skinny arm to prove to Regulus how much stronger he was.


Flitwick was droning on about something, his charmed chalk scratching across the blackboard as he spoke. Peter was reading his monthly comic under the desk while Remus was drawing lightning-fast sketches of ‘Marvin the Mad Muggle’ in the margins of his notes.

Sirius was leaning back in his chair, balanced on the back two legs as he idly floated his feather around the room. James sat beside Sirius, leaning forwards, intent on using his feather to tickle the neck of the girl in front of him.

When she turned around, James dropped the feather, smirking at her nonchalantly. Lily smiled back sweetly before incinerating the feather and his eyebrows.


Sirius was lounging on his bed, dictating an essay to his rapidly moving quill when the door to the dormitory was flung open with excessive force. Remus raised his eyes from his Potions questions, decided he didn’t want to know, and lowered his gaze again. Peter rolled over slowly, fell off the bed, and upon catching sight of James, began to giggle nervously.

Sirius caught James’s furious expression, and, deciding not to speak, simply raised an eyebrow. It seemed this was all that was needed to set James off, who stormed across the room, swearing furiously while kicking innocent pieces of furniture and Peter on his way.

“Ouch!” yelped Peter, rolling out of the way of another rapidly approaching foot. James came to a complete halt as a thought seemed to occur to him, and turned approaching Sirius.

When he reached the bed of his best friend, James pulled out his wand and drenched Sirius in a shower of pink stained water. The majority of the water covered him with the scent of roses, while the rest of it got into his eyes burning with ferocity.

“YOU SODDING IDIOT! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!” shrieked James, his voice reaching a pitch that had not been attempted since he was ten years old.

“What did I do?” Sirius asked, grabbing his own wand to remove the damage done by the wrath of James Potter, revenge executer extraordinaire, who was currently residing in the same body he had when he was ten.

“I followed your advice! And this is what happened to me,” James said, speaking slowly through his gritted teeth. Sirius tried to hide a smirk by biting his lower lip.

“See, there is your first problem. Following my advice. I mean, everyone knows my suggestions when it comes to romancing a girl for something longer then a quick shag are all just complete pants, aren’t they?” Sirius said.

James growled as menacingly as a ten-year-old could, and the only other sounds were Remus’s and Peter’s smothered laughter.


It was spring, and James was standing under the cherry tree on the grounds. The wind blew, and a shower of white blossoms fell down, covering both of them in the fragile, white flowers. James leaned forward and whispered something in her ear, and Lily laughed, throwing her head back and letting the flowers drift slowly out of her hair, landing gently on the grass.


Sirius was sitting in History of magic, sketching out ideas for the next revenge to be taken on Snivellus, when a sound echoed around the room. He was in the process of locating it when James wandered through the door, collapsing elegantly in his desk next to Sirius.

A few seconds later, when Sirius had turned to interrogate James, he caught a flash of blue and bronze moving quickly across the room, and Lily slid into her seat across the room, red hair falling out of her habitually tidy pony tail.

Sirius turned back to look at James, who nodded at the note that had appeared in his lap. With a wink and a rude gesture, James pulled out his notes and adopted an expression of extreme interest. Turning his attention to the note, Sirius unfolded it.

The note depicted a moving picture, and a few scrawls of James’s undecipherable handwriting. The picture was of a bloke and a bird, snogging intensively in a room that looked suspiciously like Slughorn’s potions supply closet.

The writing said something like, “Finally snogged her, mate. What can I say? Totally worth the six years of humiliations. Ravenclaws know a lot more then we give ‘em credit for.”

Sirius snorted in disbelief and retuned his consideration to the diagrams scattered across his desk.


Sirius sprawled out in the blue velvet armchair, soaking up the warmth of the fire and the excellent whisky filling his glass in equal measures. He could dimly hear the giggles from the kitchen, and rolled his eyes at Remus, who smiled dryly in return.

“They are at it again,” Peter whinged from his position on the couch, where he had been sadly explaining his recent rejection from a girl he swore he would love forever. Sirius laughed, a deep, rich sound that filled the room with mirth, and James appeared in the doorway.

“I have an announcement to make,” James said, claiming everyone’s attention as they tried to figure out why he was so formal.

“Don’t tell me. You’re pregnant, right James?” Sirius exclaimed, the fear so real in his voice that Lily burst out laughing, sliding past James and taking a sip of Sirius’s whisky as she sat on the arm rest of his chair.

“No,” James retorted, glaring at Sirius. “Can’t you be serious for once, you wanker?” he continued, folding his arms and looking like a petulant child.

“I’m sorry, mate. It was just a joke,” Sirius protested, pulling a frightened face.

“Yes, well. It was a stupid joke. Anyway, I just wanted you lot to be the first to know,” James paused to take a breath, glancing across at Lily as he did so. “We’re getting married.”

“That’s fantastic!” Sirius exclaimed, taking the opportunity to pull Lily backwards across his lap and slip his tongue in her mouth. In congratulations, of course.

“It would be even more fantastic if my Best Man would kindly remove his tongue from my Bride,” James said, sounding slightly weary. The words penetrated and Sirius pulled back, staring at James with a shell shocked expression.

“You really mean that?” he demanded, bouncing a little in his seat.

“It kind of tarnishes the excitement when you take the opportunity to snog Lily, so yes I did want you to remove your tongue,” James replied, amusement evident in his voice.

“No, not that bit,” Sirius waved it aside impatiently. “The bit about being your Best Man?” he asked, looking hopeful for good measure.

“Of course I mean it!” James responded. “Of course it means you will have to make a speech…” he trailed off, sounding worried. Sirius’s eyes twinkled as he considered the possibilities.


vi + i

Sirius shifted, loosening his tie slightly as he listened to Lily’s father finish speaking. When the man had sat down, accepting the applause with a gracious wave of his hand, Sirius stood up, thoughtfully twirling the wineglass between his fingers.

“When I think about Hogwarts, I think about my friends,” he started, his mind flipping back to the past while his body remained anchored in the present.
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