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FIC: Before a Day, challenge #72

author: ninjajab
challenge: A random moment.

title: Before A Day
summary: Sometimes... she reads the Prophet, but mostly she just listens to the radio and blinks her round eyes at James until he makes her tea.
warnings: none
word count: 715
rating: U
notes: Many thanks to sheafrotherdon and taffetablue for the beta work, and much love to statelines for the read-through and the squee! :*

"This," says Lily, tilting her head slightly toward the radio, "is a good song."

It's like she's got something delectable in her mouth, the way she's rolling her vowels around, lazy and long on a pointless Sunday morning. Pointless Sunday mornings have recently become James's new favourite thing, so long as they mean Lily sitting sideways in the overstuffed chair by the window, one of his shirts barely covering her thighs, pretty little bare feet dangling over the arm. Sometimes (today) she reads the Prophet, but mostly she just listens to the radio and blinks her round eyes at James until he makes her tea.

James leans in through the kitchen doorway, waiting for the kettle to go. "I don't think I've ever heard this song."

Lily's eyes go comically wide and she clutches her chest. "Oh," she cries, "that is a travesty! James Potter, you have broken my heart. I love this song."

James grins. "Well, I shall have to endeavor to give this song a proper listen, then."

Lily beams at him playfully. "This song and I would greatly appreciate it." She flips a page of the newspaper and squints. "Oh, hey. Wanna know the quidditch scores?"

James quirks an eyebrow. "Does Sirius owe me money?"

Lily shakes her head. "Doesn't look like it, sorry." She folds the paper back up sloppily and drops it to the floor. She'll pick it up again later to do the crossword, sometime after supper when she can sit in James's lap and mutter to herself, chewing the end of a quill.

The kettle goes and James collects two mugs, pouring tea and adding milk. Their kitchen is small, but Lily had laughed when he suggested expanding. "As if we'll ever eat anything but your mum's casserole and take away," she'd said. "What do I need a big kitchen for?"

Fair enough. There's stacks of magazines on the table, various tubes of lipstick atop the stove, and two of James's brooms crowding the pantry door. They got pots and pans as wedding gifts, but James doesn't think they even keep them in the kitchen.

"Tea's up," James says, coming back into the sunroom.

"Gorgeous." Lily smiles and holds out her hand, taking her mug from him and sipping gratefully. "Now my day's started."

James pulls the ottoman up to sit next to her. "You're addicted", he says, taking a sip from his own mug. She snorts.

"He says as he gulps it down. Really, James, we should just hook you up to an IV."

He grins. "A what?"

She shakes her head, smiling and rolling her eyes. "Never mind."

The sun's getting higher through the window. It's getting to be a pointless Sunday afternoon, but it'd feel like a betrayal to actually check the time. Lily's hair catches light in the most amazing ways, making red and orange and gold flood James's eyes. It's baffling, that he should feel it this much, in his blood and heart every time he looks at her.

James leans forward and bites her big toe gently. Lily makes a face. "You're gross," she says. "You're actually gross." James does it again.

"What are we doing today?" he asks.

Lily swallows her sip of tea and sits up. "This is my plan," she starts, and he palms her knee, his thumb making small circles on the smooth skin there. "We go into London --"

"London?" James says, raising his eyebrows.

"London-town!" Lily sing-songs, twining a lock of hair around one, long, piano-player finger. "We can go into London, maybe stop in on -- oh, is Remus back yet?"

James considers. "I reckon he's still in Bath with Sirius."

Lily pouts. "What a sodhead." She wrinkles her nose. "Bath? What use is he to me in Bath?"

James pulls her legs into his lap. "I can be of use," he says, smoothing his hand from her knee to her ankle. She smiles softly at him, a smile that settles in his chest, always, and pushes herself forward, winding an arm around his neck until she's made herself comfortable in his lap. She kisses the side of his neck soundly, rests her forehead against his temple. The radio goes fuzzy for a moment and James breathes in against Lily's neck.

"Of course," she says, and James lifts his head to kiss her good morning.
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